It's Dragon Time!

"Hi everyone! The name's Ryan Rawr, a wild Dragonite! I have a daughter named Bubbles, I love shiny things and chocolate, and that's about it! Remember to have a nice day and don't forget to RAWR!"

[This is an ask/RP blog for a Dragonite and a Seadra. I'll answer whenever I can.]
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look a lot like those Crystallites from Metroid Prime.

Phendrana Drifts Screenshot (14)

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When people are offering a Seadra for trade, and they want either a Seadra with Dragon Scale or a Kingdra in return, but theirs has no Dragon Scale on them:

whyd you censor your name is it a naughty word

A very very dirty word.

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We’re in the middle of a battle! You stop it right now!

Does ryan ever get gassy from eating too much?

Ryan: “That’s a very personal question you do not ask a stranger. Where’s your manners? I don’t, by the way, but that’s not the point.”

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Ryan: “Whatever that means…”

asksassyglaceon submitted:

ryan as a hydreigon

asksassyglaceon submitted:

ryan as a hydreigon

What would Ryan look like as a Hydreigon?

((Like a Hydreigon…))

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Ryan: “NYEH! That’s what I think of your magics. If I wanna change the color of my scales, then I’ll change the color of my scales. Not you.”

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(probs something like this )

Ryan, are you still afraid of Hydreigon?

Ryan: “N-No? No. Why would you say that? My dad is a Hydreigon, so therefore I cannot be afraid of them, just because they have three heads, which is like two more than I have, and probably sharp teeth and strange eyes and six wings. Plus they’re much smaller than I thought what’s up with that.

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Ryan, since when do you have a working clock on the cave wall?

((That was just to show that time passed through the night. He doesn’t have a clock.))

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Hmmm... I'm okay. How about you Uncle??

Ryan: “Rawrtastic! That’s a feeling. It’s the truth! I’m not lying. I haven’t seen you around in a while. Do you have a place to sleep? Or are you still hiding as a rock in my cave? Well… it’s not really my cave, but that’s not the point.

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Ryan: “I wouldn’t say it was hard, but I was worried I might squash her. I learned I never change sleeping positions once I fall asleep, but Bubbles does. Before getting up, I’d have to look for her to make sure where she was. I wasn’t always the first one awake. Also, I watch where I step. She’s a hyper ‘mon, and it’s hard to tell where she’ll go next. She’s still my tiny baby, so I have to take the same precautions.”

Bubbles: *loud frowning*